September 06, 2007

No to national service

Dear Mr Cameron. Please Fuck off. Fuck right off. Go fuck yourself, without lube, with a tree trunk, that is wrapped in barbed wire. JUST FUCK OFF. Young people are not your slaves.

Yes you claim that it will voluntary, at the moment, but since you admit that actually you want it compulsory are we really to believe that it will remain so? Especially since you claim that the reason that you want it is to get a mixing of social classes, and you taken away the incentive for those from less priverledged backgrounds to take part by taking away any money that the teenagers would receive. National Service, or working to raise enough money to go somewhere really fun with your friends? I know which I would choose. For the middle classes however will quickly end up under de facto compulsion as national service becomes yet another checkbox to tick in order to make up for the increasingly devalued examination system.

Soon enough all your claims of that National Service will break down class barriers will be shown to be bogus. The left will be bleating that it is just another gheto for the rich and that the less well off have been excluded. The charities and activity centres will be lobbying hard for you not to scrap it, it will be a nice little earner for them. The only way out will be to find a way of getting more poorer people involved without, without actually giving them a reason to want to like cash. Then a brainwave hits, and suddenly it will get sucked into the formal education system as yet another compulsory activity. Just as you had always intended. So fuck of now before you start.


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